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I’m asking you to support Harriet Harman MP and Mark Garnier MP in helping to end the use of "consent" claims to the violent injury or killing of women. They have laid clauses to amend the Domestic Abuse Bill to amend the law in England and Wales to

Natalie Connolly's partner received a 3 year 8 month sentence in 2018 after claiming that she had consented to the acts the caused her terrible injury. Prosecutors decided not to pursue a murder charge against him

Natalie is not alone - there are 58 UK women killed by men who claim the women consented to the violence that killed them. Despite case law in England and Wales supposedly being clear, in 45% of cases, these defences work: they result in the killing being prosecuted with a lesser charge, or not treated as a crime at all. And there has been a tenfold increase in "consent" defences to violent injury and killing in the last ten years. Case law should be clear, but to claim consensual activity "gone wrong” gives a 45% chance of a lesser charge, lighter sentence, or a death not being investigated as a crime at all.