In the news: Why are so many women dying in sex games gone wrong?

Our campaign featured in this excellent piece in NewsMavens, by Sian Norris.

When 22 year old Anna Florence Reed was found dead in a Swiss hotel, newspapers across Europe uncritically repeated her boyfriend’s claim -- that Reed had died in a “sex game gone wrong”. An autopsy revealed she had died from suffocation. She had cuts and bruises on her face and body, as well as fractures. Her partner is still awaiting charges.

According to research collected by the campaign We Can’t Consent To This, set up by Fiona Mackenzie earlier this year, Reed is estimated to be the 52nd British woman to die in a purported “sex game gone wrong”. Thirty-two men who have claimed this controversial defense have been found guilty of murder, suggesting that this defense is often deemed to be false -- an excuse increasingly used to explain the violent death of a sexual partner.

Please read the full piece here.