Who claims "sex games gone wrong"

We’ve searched news and court archives to find UK cases of people dying in sexual violence that - it is claimed - they consented to.

You might think that women and men would die in “sex” gone wrong at around the same rates - and that men and women would be accused in their deaths.

This is what we’ve found on UK cases:

Who claims "Sex games gone Wrong"?

There are 56 UK women and 5 men who've died, where the male suspect claims some type of "sex game" or "rough sex" or BDSM "gone wrong". Does not include people who are reported to have killed themselves - in the UK all cases we've found are men.

In cases of injury which have made it to court, the injuries range from bruising through to life-changing, debilitating injuries. In all but one of these cases the victim is female, with a male accused of assaulting them. The one other case is a man who injured his male partner.

Updated on 3 July 2019 .

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