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We Can’t Consent to This is a response to the increasing numbers of women and girls killed and injured in violence that is claimed to be consensual. You can read more here, and use the form below if you’d like to hear updates or get involved with the campaign.

We’ve now found 58 UK women who’ve been killed by men who claim a sex game, gone wrong - and in the last 5 years the defence was successful in 6 of the 14 killings of a woman which reached trial, with the man being found not guilty or receiving a manslaughter conviction. We've found many more women injured in what the accused men claim was consensual sexual violence. Yet more women tell us it’s now commonplace to be assaulted and abused by men they’re dating. This is not just a UK problem: there are women killed and injured in Germany, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Australia, Sweden, The US, Ireland, and beyond.

We do not believe that women can consent to their grievous injury or death, and will campaign until claiming this is no longer a useful defence.

What can you do?

Notice that in recent years this defence works - often for men who have killed  young women they had just met. And no, we’ve found no women killing or injuring a man in sex “gone wrong” .

Read our briefing on these cases and share with your MP. Ask them to support these proposals to add to the law.

Read this extraordinary piece on the fatal, hateful, rise of choking during sex.

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